Angelo Stracciatelli – Piano

Piano-bar / concerts  (Classic, Jazz, Volk)

Tuner / Stimmer / Accordatore / Accordeur / Afinador

Acquisition advices / Kaufberatung / Consulente d’acquisto / Consultation d’achat / Orientation a la compra

The flying piano 

Lessons / unterricht / lezioni / cours / curso


Past appearances:

Panama Plus , The Flying Piano  Workshop

Urban Neuhausen Festival 2016, Munich: The Flying Piano

Centro cultural Los Masis, Sucre: Piano concert with Roberto Sahonero (voice)

Icba, Sucre: Piano concert with Roberto Sahonero (voice)

Import-Export, Munich: Piano-bar

The Same Old Song by J.J.Jones, Munich: Piano with Michaela Kühnemann (voice)

Schwarzschmiedhof , Lana: Piano-bar

Ottmanngut Suite and Breakfast, Merano: Piano-bar

Schloss Pienzenau, Merano: Piano-bar