DJ Prof.Funkstein


Prof.Funkstein, now enjoying life in Paris, started mixing in the suburbs of Munich in 2012 and together with Dr.Getdown he founded Feelgood Selection in the same year.

The whole style of Feelgood Selection was mainly inspired by with some extra Latin, Reggae, Jazz and DnB flavour. The aim is to feel good in a funky mood and mix vinyls.

Teammember of Radio München (2014 – 2015), Technician and Showproducer “Freunde der Nachtmusik”, weekly radio show  with Munichs favourit djs and Co-Host at Import-Exports “Talkin all that jazz”

Since 2016 the Feelgood Selection co-founded the KREW, a bunch of 20 Djs inspired by Hip-Hop music mainly located in Munich, Germany.


Past appearances:

Xcess, München

Cafe am Hochhaus, München

Sketch Clublounge, Merano

Import-Export, München

Ost-West / Est-Owest, Merano

Kulturknall Festival 2014, Murnau am Staffelsee

Corleone, München

Schloss Pienzenau, Merano

Photonights 2015, Merano

Asfaltart 2015 Closure Party, Merano

Kiddo, München

Muffathalle, München

Lola Bar, München

What´s the deal 2015, München

Rennsalon, München

Kulturstrand 2019, München

Taxi-Salon (Import-Export), München

Westtorhalle, Murnau

Il Pincio, Montreuil

Le Bal Perdu, Bagnolet

EIF-Fest, Montreuil

Le Chinois, Montreuil

Festival des Murs a péches, Montreuil